RUET ROBORUN 2013 Details

July 22, 2013 10:56 am



Task :

Each team has to build one autonomous bot which is able to go following the line

given in the arena.

Bot specification:

The bot must fit within (25 cm  x  25 cm) square. The power supply must be

dc(<=24V) installed in the bot. The bot must not do any harm to the arena or any

human being.

Arena Speciation:

As specified in the figure (Black line on white background) .Run will start in the

start position and will end in end position as specified. In the path there are some

check points.

Rules for selecting winner:

Winner will be selected according to point earned. Earning the higher point will

get a higher rank. In the final round speed will be considered.


Rules for points:

1. Crossing every check point will be awarded with 3 points.

2. Stopping at the end point will be awarded with 3 points.

3. If the bot go outside the arena or stop or any other inconvenience occurs it

must take a restart.

4. A team can take at most 5 restarts.

5. A penalty of 1 point will be deducted from the score for every restart.

6. While restarting the bot will be placed in the last check point it passed.

7. Before restarting a team cannot do any major hardware change or any kind

of software change.

Rules for game play:

1. One bot at a time will run in the arena.

2. A team will have total 10 minutes to complete its run.

3. Two rounds will be played among all team.

4. A final round will be played between first, second and third according to

5. A team will be fully responsible for the safety of their bot.

6. Judges have all the rights to take decision during the game play.

total point earned in the first two rounds.

Rules for disqualification:

1. A team will be disqualified if the bot does not fulfill the bot specification

2. A team will be disqualified if any attempt of cheating is made.

3. A team will be disqualified if any unfair behavior is seen.





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  • Ador Ahmed

    Can any team participate from outside if RUET

    • rsr

      Thank You. Sorry to say Its only contest for the RUETIANS. Because we are going to arrange this competition for the 1st time.


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