RSR Membership Procedure

August 3, 2013 5:06 pm

RSR Membership Procedure


Those who are keen to be a member of Robotic Society of RUET (RSR), they have to fill out the registration form and submit it to the authority. A passport sized photograph is compulsory with the registration form. To be a member one has to pay 210 BDT according to the rules and regulations of Robotic Society of RUET (RSR). You have to deposit money in ‘RED colour DEPOSIT BOOK’ to “Rupali Bank, RUET Branch” at Robotic Society of RUET account.  

Account Name: Robotic Society of RUET

                                                              Account No: 7166

 Download the form

N.B.: Please fill out the form after downloading and submit it to authority with the Bank Receipt.



  • Members must be a student of RUET from any Department.
  • The student must have to complete 1st year  1st semester of the undergraduate course.

**Each member will be given an ID card after being a member of Robotic Society of RUET (RSR). A Certificate will be issued to each member when they graduate from the university.


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