First Walking Mechanism of Humanoid Robot

July 26, 2013 3:18 pm

Ali Ahsan Habib Jewel and Mahfuzur Rahman Mahfuz, student of Mechanical Engineering of Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology have successfully evolved human-like walking robot under the supervision of Associated Professor Rokunzzaman in the year of 2007.


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Walking and mechanical ability of the robot was well tested. This was not a complete robot, but assembling of needed parts at human body to walk. They regulated the walking mode by using a single motor and a battery. As the robot was made prototype of human body, it can walk like a human being. The robot takes 3.75 seconds for a step and covers two feet distance. They used simple parts of cheap cost. In addition of battery they added substituted sets for battery.

By modifying the parts the robot may be made more effective. Cordless control system may be added and transformed into complete robot.

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