About RSR (Robotic Society of RUET)

May, 2006, Robotic Society of RUET (RSR) raised it’s sail to the island of technology.


With no huge investment but with a view to building a paragon of Electro-mechanics it started its voyage.It opened its innings to play a tremendous knock in the long run. It is a non-political educational club, mostly related to science and technology. It is the club of science lovers, by science lovers, for science lovers. Actually, it is the consequence of realization of liabilities to the society of the engineers. It was established to change the usual flow of our non-practical, non-creative moods of education. It started with hopes to burn our brain into technical energy.

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Here goes a joke -‘The brain of a Bangladeshi is more costly than that of a European or an American cause the brain of a Bangladeshi is almost unused.’

RSR thinks it is high time to break such a concept. We should change our attitude, we should be positive, should be firm to snatch the victory, to reach the cherished destination.

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